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Health Elitists

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

This is a new term I came across recently. Taking care of a kid with a degenerative disease in the middle of a pandemic allows you to see the world a little differently. In this case, what I saw was "health elitists."

What is a health elitist? It's someone who refuses to get vaccinated because they see themselves as being 'too healthy" to ever worry about contracting a disease like Covid19. It's as if this brutal and highly contagious virus is not worthy of a health elitist. So they forgo the vaccine and they say goodbye to the oppressive nature that is mask wearing.

It's all about them.

So the rest of us who coexist in the health elitists community are forced to make some hard decisions—decisions that likely would not have to be forced had the health elitists and their cohorts (those who fall under other sub categories from red state conservatives to low income folks who don't have trust in the government (and every category that falls in between) just gone with the herd immunity plan.

But we never got there. And those with compromised immune systems got royally screwed. Instead of rejoining the world and taking in the sights outside, they're all having to take every precaution necessary because there are still too many people who refuse the vaccines, refuse to wear masks and worst of all—refuse to worry about anyone other than themselves.

It's a sad state to be in for sure, but thankfully, most of these world weary people are tough enough to know all about society's selfish nature, especially in this country. These tough folks have been here all too often and this is just another example of being perpetrated by the healthy... The health elitists.

Thanks for nothing, assholes!

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