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Don't be an Asshole

There sure has been a lot of talk lately about assholes. Not the actual one where poop emits, but those people who just can't stop being, well, an asshole. The first asshole that comes to mind is Ron DeSantis. But that's obvious. He's been an asshole since birth.

If anything, the pandemic has exposed just how many assholes are right here in our local community. The people who refuse to wear masks because it infringes on "their" freedoms. It was suppose to be that we were all in this together, but then a couple assholes said masks are stupid, they're basically for left wing pussies, and that was the end of that. We've been fighting the whole mask thing ever since. You might as well just drink bleach—as that appears to be a way cooler way to kill the virus that warding it off with some lame mask.

Vaccines have made it a little harder to distinguish the assholes from the nots, because there are some who present some serious questions that are in need of serious answers. Sometimes left wingers are tired of going through the serious answers so they just lop everyone who questions the vaccines with those who are just idiots and don't want to get the vaccine. But at the end of the day, not getting vaccinated really does put a strain on the health industry and seriously sick people with other ailments besides COVID19 potentially get nudged out from receiving care when they absolutely need it because the hospitals are stretched so thin. So it does make one think—if you're not getting vaccinated and thus becoming part of the solution in snuffing out this pandemic, does that make you an asshole? If I have a kid who needs some attention due to her mitochondrial disease and I can't get her that care because there's no "room at the inn"—then I'll be one angry sone of a bitch parent who probably thinks you're asshole.

As far as everyday assholes, many seem to drive jacked up trucks. Not sure why that is, but my unscientific data tells me that this is pretty much the truth. They are road bullies and just have to be assholes on an ongoing basis. I tried merging the other day—legally and with my blinker on—doing my best to finagle my way into the lane before mine ceased to exist and the Truck Asshole was pretty vigilant about not allowing me to do just that. I finally had to use a little extra "salsa" on my part in pressing the pedal down; it was my only way in and the Truck Asshole just about ran right over me. Then he swerved over to the adjoining lane and flipped me off, yelling and spitting the whole time. I calmly waved back, knowing if I provoked this Truck Asshole, I might just meet my maker as I'm 80% sure this guy was packing. Yet in this time, I also thought how easy was that for him to veer over one lane just to flip me off. Couldn't;t he have done that sooner, letting me merge with no issue, and going on our merry way? That validated his assholeness in that he purposely was trying NOT to let me merge in solace. That's an asshole.

Yet I know it's unfair to lop all truck drivers into the asshole category. I'm sure there are some very nice people driving trucks... I just haven't seen them around in a while. They're probably at home wearing a mask and binging on Netflix—and not being an asshole.

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